Meet the designers on Chivas Venture x A Grade with Zaid Osman | Robyn Agulhas

ICYMI, The Chivas Venture is back with a bang. With a refreshed format that aims to make a big difference in local communities, the Chivas Venture is no longer a competition. Instead, cultural leaders will work with upcoming young talent to both nurture their skills and provide unique opportunities.

Grassroots community initiatives run by the go-getters of the world will be at the forefront of the new Chivas Venture, with success and generosity blending together as one. Unapologetic go-getters who hustle hard for their success will thrive under the close watch of relevant and local mentors – a process that will kickstart their careers and cultivate a strong sense of social responsibility.

Now we’re turning our attention to some of the designers to talk streetwear, participating in The Chivas Venture x A grade, and to get their advice for up-and-coming designers. Check out our conversation with Robyn Agulhas below.

So far, what was the best part of being part of the venture?
This venture is really an amazing opportunity. The best part i think is seeing the collection come to life, im learning so much about the process of manufacturing, it’s really important for me to understand this as i can adapt this into my business to get the best out of what i create in the future , this whole journey from living in a house together designing the collection to workshops hosted really inspired me, to get an opportunity like the venture helped me to take my business to the next step. I have taken all the
tools I have learnt thus far and implemented it into my business.

What was the inspiration behind SinChui?
The inspiration behind Sinchui is my love for street style , in particular Japanese street style. Harajuku street in Tokyo is most known for its eccentric street fashion culture . “Street style enables individuality. And that is the core essence of Sinchui. I have only researched this and read books about fashion in Japan. One day I would really love to experience this. I think this helped me discover my own true individuality
and that it’s ok to be different to not follow trends. The love for Japanese fashion brands such as Bape, Yohji Yamamoto Comme des Garcons are only a few to mention . I have always been intrigued by Japan, watching anime growing up and seeing Pharrell Williams’ appreciation for Japanese culture has always sparked my intrigue.

What does SinChui mean?
The word Chui in Japanese means attention to. The meaning of SinChui means attention to detail. I feel the more I’m developing my brand my focus is always the attention to detail when designing,this has become the ethos of the brand.

What should people expect with your latest capsule collection?

This Capsule collection is really special. we pay homage to South African youth with nostaglia reference of silhouettes

What has your journey been like, being a freelance creative?

Being a freelance creative has its challenges, trying to find stability month to month really pushes one to do everything you can to make it happen. I Find myself freelancing as a stylist in the film industry to create capital to fund my brand one week I’m working on set. Next week I’m designing and working on patterns all to build a sustainable business model in the future where I’m able to create jobs and employ young designers, create a Streetwear fashion house with a Textile division. I have also used my resourse and
started a textile boutique coming from a textile background i source quality fabric for local brands.

What are some of the challenges you face in a startup?
As a Startup, the business side to things was a challenge at first, self funding the business has pushed me to register the business firstly, keep track of the financial side to things but challenges i was faced with where manufacturing, finding a good factory to work with to produce my garments was a really a big challenge but it’s all a procces, keeping motivated and trusting in the process is key. I’m grateful I have amazing support this year from Chivas Venture.

You prioritize innovation a lot in your brand. What is the most innovative collection you’ve ever created?
My Graduate collection i worked on an innovative concept with technology, I do plan on working on this more in the future for now the focus is getting the brand out

What inspires you most about Zaid Osman?
His determination to make things possible and his journey so far within the streetwear culture

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