Lionel Messi’s PSG Jersey Sold Out in Just 30 Minutes

Lionel Messi‘s Paris Saint-Germain jerseys have sold out in just 30 minutes of being revealed on the online store. Fans also queued outside the PSG club shop for hours in a line that weaved all the way back to a nearby subway station.

It’s reported that Neymar offered to give up his Number 10 jersey, but Messi refused and opted for Number 30, his debut number at FC Barcelona back in 2004. Around 832,000 copies were sold, earning the club a total of 90 million EUR (approx. 10.56 million USD) on its first day of jersey sales. This surpasses the 520,000 Cristiano Ronaldo jerseys sold when the star moved to Juventus in 2018.

Following Messi’s move to PSG, the club jumped in rankings to become the third most valuable football club in the world, behind Manchester City and Chelsea FC. FC Barcelona on the other hand dropped to the 8th position following Messi’s departure.

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