Chris Hemsworth Offers On-Set Look at Taika Waititi and Himself in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

As Thor: Love and Thunder finished principal photography, director Taika Waititi commented on the possibility of a fifth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise.

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, the filmmaker admitted that while he’s unsure of the future of Thor, the upcoming film is one he’s immensely proud of. “Who knows if we do another one after this but I definitely feel like we put everything – every idea and every single ridiculous concept or gag or stunt or character – into this film,” Waititi said. “I couldn’t be happier with it.”

He added that since they “multiplied” everything they did with Thor: Ragnarok in Love and Thunder, the next installment might be funnier than the last. “It’s quite amazing, just the amount of people that we’ve got,” he stated. “I kept looking around, or just looking back over the shoot, and thinking, “Oh my god…”

Waititi’s statement arrives just shortly after Tom Hiddleston confirmed to Empire that Loki will not be appearing in Love and Thunder. ”We talked about the Thor movies as a family saga, and the diametric opposition between Thor and Loki and duality and antagonism being a book that perhaps should remain closed for the moment,” the actor said. “We have explored about as much as we can about these two brothers.”

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to premiere February 11, 2022.

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