Watch KidSuper’s FW23 Comedy Show “Funny Business”

During Paris Fashion Week Men’s in February, KidSuper founder Colm Dillane presented his Fall/Winter collection 2023 inside his very own comedy special, “Funny Business,” at the Casino de Paris. Dillane’s latest viral moment in a career full of them, “Funny Business” was a, well, funny take — both literally and figuratively — on what a fashion show could be and what it could say. Now, for those that couldn’t be in attendance, KidSuper has released “Funny Business” in its entirety on YouTube.

Clocking in at just under 40 minutes, the show, hosted by Tyra Banks, saw some of KidSuper’s comedian friends — Jeff Ross, Yvonne Orji, Stavros Halkias, FARY and Andrew Schultz — lampoon the fashion establishment with raw, raucous and largely unprintable jokes, all while wearing looks from the KidSuper FW23 collection. Highlights included Ross kicking off the evening with a barbed Balenciaga joke, while Orji poked fun at “diversity hires,” noting that she was the only Black female comedian on the stage, and Andrew Schulz closed the evening by skewering Alexander Wang.

Afterward, some critics labeled the show and its concept “insensitive,” but in the spirit of legendary comedian and social critic Lenny Bruce, each comedian present clearly relished saying the “unsayable” and thumbing their nose at the fashion establishment — an outfit that can often be precious, self-righteous and self-absorbed. Dillane, for his part, shrugged off the potential that the show could backfire. “We’ll see how it goes,” he said beforehand. “It could fully bomb. But that’s also what’s cool about some of the fashion shows I do; they’re risky.”

Watch KidSuper’s FW23 comedy show “Funny Business” above, and see for yourself.

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