Shaking Face, High-Five, Pink Heart and More Included in Latest Emoji Update

Just a few days ahead of World Emoji Day on Sunday, July 17, Emojipedia has released a draft list and samples for all of the new emojis in Emoji 15.0 for iOS and Android devices.

While the emojis are subject to change before the final version launches in September, Emojipedia noted that the majority of draft emojis end up in the final version. Every emoji previewed in its Emoji 14.0 list ultimately made the update in 2021, however, “actual vendor designs will vary from those released by major vendors,” the site said.

New emojis that users can expect on their keyboards in 2022 includes a shaking face, a plain pink heart and a high-five. Following the standard emoji face design, the shaking face is blurred by its movement from side to side and will likely be used to indicate shock.

While there are already heart emojis across the color spectrum, a plain pink heart has been in-demand for a while. Emoji 14.0 currently only offers a pink heart alongside sparkles.

A high-five emoji is another long-awaited addition. Emoji 15.0 is expected to offer the high-five facing in both directions and in a variety of skin tones.

Other emojis in the mix for Emoji 15.0 are a donkey, a jellyfish, a hair pick, a Khanda symbol and more.

Check out the entire draft list for Emoji 15.0 on Emojipedia.

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