Kasina Celebrate Their 25th Anniversary With the Nike Air Max 1

It’s a good year to be a fan of the Nike Air Max 1 – naturally, with it being the silhouette’s 25th anniversary. Despite the monumental milestone, it doesn’t look like Nike is making too much of a fuss over the shoe’s quarter-century birthday.

Sure, there have been a handful of special releases that have ensured the fans haven’t been left on an empty stomach, but considering how important the model is to the Air Max lineage. Without the Air Max 1, we’d be without all those that followed.

Outside of this year’s Air Max Day celebrations, there haven’t been too many general releases worthy of note – instead, it seems that the Swoosh’s strategy is to let its collaborative partners handle the silhouette, providing unique remixes that highlight how the sneaker’s styling varies between alternate taste levels.

Perhaps the most exciting trio of AM1, or at least the most memorable of the year, was Concepts’ multi-patterned finishes.

Now, Nike reconnects with Kasina to deliver the story of an age-old Korean cultural custom. The two-piece collection pulls inspiration from the Won-Ang Ducks, a set of carved wooden ducks gifted to newlywed couples.

Under the title of “Made To Be Together,” the project sees the AM1 transformed with traditional colors and fabrications that are representative of good fortune.

Seemingly, mismatched uppers are the key to success for the silhouette in 2022, as the multi-colored, multi-textured uppers are certainly desirable.

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