An upgrade, you must have: From Huawei P Smart 2021 to the Huawei nova Y70 Plus

Almost any new phone and upgrade has a gimmick to suit your fast-developing needs. Whether it’s a super long-lasting battery, speed processing, an exceptional screen display or plenty of storage, there’s always a must have feature that you ‘can’t live without’.

The futuristic technology that’s available on Huawei’s next-generation smartphones has over the years proven to be innovative and supportive for all-scenarios – becoming a valuable partner in everyday life, whether you’re at home, in office, at school, events, or simply enjoying life’s adventures.

To keep up with demands of your busy schedule, we will show you how and why the super inclusive Huawei P Smart 2021, has upgraded into the high-function, high- spec HUAWEI nova Y70 Plus, to offer you even more valuable experiences.

The SuperCharge battery just got better

First things first, everyone is busy and we’d all like some time away from charging our phones.

Thanks to the HUAWEI nova Y70 Plus, with a 6000mAh battery, you can last up to three days on a single full charge. This is a much-needed upgrade from the 5000mAh battery that the HUAWEI P Smart 2021 had, and therefore means you can get even more time to do everything you love on your phone. Your battery will still have plenty of staying power for you to enjoy hours of viewing pleasure, while offering you the best user experience.

An Incredibly large HD display

The HUAWEI P Smart 2021 has an exceptional display on which to view your images. The phone’s 6.67-inch high-resolution screen displays content shows in fine detail and vivid colours. With the HUAWEI nova Y70 Plus, the HD display has gotten bigger. You are now able to enjoy your favourite games and shows, with the expansive 6.75-inch HUAWEI FullView Display.

The HD flat screen notch can display more content at a larger size to give you a greater immersive experience. It also supports an industry-leading 10-point multi-touch technology to give you a fast response for your most competitive moments, while you are playing games.

More space for the things you love

For users who love to create and consume content religiously, you’ll be happy to know that the HUAWEI nova Y70 Plus 128GB storage has your covered. This is the same as the HUAWEI P Smart 2021 128GB ROM that effectively allowed you to run multiple apps simultaneously and switch between them fluently, while also giving you the opportunity to store everything and anything you desire- all your favourite movies, games, photos, videos, games and music.

You’ll be happy to know that the HUAWEI nova Y70 Plus has enough storage capacity to store up to 170 episodes of a drama series, 20,000 high-quality songs and over 60 HD movies. This is not all the HUAWEI nova Y70 Plus also supports an additional storage of up to 512GB using a MicroSD card. It is also equipped with EROFTS super file compression technology, so you can easily download and save. The 4GB of RAM capacity, keeps everything running effectively and concurrently, even when multiple apps are active.

The AI powered camera has improved quality

The HUAWEI nova Y70 Plus gives you a great set of cameras to enhance and challenge your creativity. It features a 48MP High-res Main Camera, a 120° 5MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera and a 2MP Depth Camera. With more expectation to deliver even greater quality images in a digital-first and AI powered world, the HUAWEI nova Y70 Plus camera is exceptional, compared to the HUAWEI P Smart 2021 quad camera, that includes a 48MP main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide angle camera, a 2MP macro camera and a 2MP depth camera.

While these specs may seem similar, the HUAWEI nova Y70 Plus, executes crisp detail with a natural beautifying effect, and intelligently improves image sharpness and digital noise to preserve granular details in your images.

When it comes to software, it’s not only the AI smart cameras that have been upgraded. Running on the latest version of EMUI, EMUI 12, the HUAWEI nova Y70 Plus provides in-app easy navigation and speedy control processing. It’s safe and reliable, with an all-scenario supported element, that is suitable for work, studying, remote communication, gaming, entertainment or asset editing.

Go and buy the affordable HUAWEI nova Y70 Plus today on the HUAWEI Store Online . All offers are available while stocks last. T’s and C’s apply.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, a safe, intuitive storage environment for all your digital needs

By now, most of you know that ‘the cloud’ is more than just something that brings rain. It provides us with a secure, user-friendly and virtually limitless storage environment to save our precious memories. With HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, you can easily store things that matter most and keep your entire digital life up to date across all your devices.

Whether it is pictures, videos, contacts or important documents and password data, HUAWEI Mobile Cloud provides you with a flexible solution that fits your busy lifestyle. Accessible from any device, it really is as easy as logging in with your HUAWEI ID and accessing your digital vault of memories or documents whenever you need it.

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