Huawei Delivers a World of Mobile Payment Options

With global revenues from mobile payments topping $1.7 trillion at the end of last year, there is no ignoring the potential of these innovative services. The adage ‘cash is king’ is likely to be replaced by ‘go cashless with your phone’ thanks to how user-friendly technology has become. Huawei as a consumer driven organisation has a wealth of options available to users to join in on the fun and eliminate having to share their credit card detail to pay for goods or services.

DCB: Make your in-app purchases a delight

DCB, or Direct Carrier Billing for the technically-inclined, is something Huawei launched in partnership with South Africa’s mobile operators. Think of it as an easy and convenient way of making purchases in the entire HUAWEI ecosystem whether in AppGallery, HUAWEI Video, HUAWEI Music, HUAWEI Mobile Cloud or merely by paying using your airtime.

For prepaid users, transactions are automatically deducted from their available MTN, Vodacom or Cell C airtime. Contract customers will see the amounts added to their monthly phone bills. So, whether you want to pay for any of the exciting hot games available on the App Store or have an in-app purchase or two that needs to be taken care of, DCB is the magic that makes it happen at the click of a button.

For all gaming enthusiasts, there’s a variety of puzzle, strategy and action shooter games to suit your taste. Download some of the top games; PubGEvony:TheKing’sReturnCrazyCandyBomb-Sweetmatch3game or HeroWars–FantasyBattles. You can also get content creation apps such as the Video Maker of Photos with Music &  Video Editor,  wellness apps such as the Calm-Meditate,Sleep,Relax  and a GPS navigation app, such as the Family Locator- GPS Tracker and Find Your Phone App on the HUAWEI AppGallery.

Huawei has also introduced a security safeguard where each DCB transaction is capped at R500, giving you peace of mind that you are protected against potential identity theft or fraud.

Kapow for Ozow app!

Another way HUAWEI is making mobile payments a super cool and hassle-free experience is through Ozow and the Ozow ME app, which is available for free on the AppGallery.  Ozow ME makes it as easy as pie to buy anything within the Huawei digital services environment.

Unlike DCB, users can make a safe, real-time payment directly from their bank account. By selecting Ozow as a payment option during the checkout process and selecting their bank, the app provides a secure option to log in to the bank account with an OTP sent to their mobile phone or banking app to confirm the transaction.

Even better, users can create their own QR code or send an SMS payment link to make payments from one person to another.

Huawei Pay: A Wallet at Your Fingertips

Think of the HUAWEI Pay service as an easy and secure way to make payments using your device. Simply add your bank card details to the app and then pay in store, simply by scanning the Zapper QR payment code on the bill when you check out. The HUAWEI Pay solution supports all local debit and credit cards.

Transactions must be authenticated either by way of your fingerprint or passcode. The app itself uses a device-specific number or token instead of your bank card to handle transactions. This means that your banking details are not stored on your device or on the HUAWEI Pay servers. Banking details are never shared with merchants, so rest assured your banking details are safe from any compromise.

HUAWEI Pay supports NFC-based mobile payments, which means it brings ‘tap and pay’ simplicity to transactions. It forms part of the HUAWEI Wallet app that can be downloaded from the AppGallery. HUAWEI Wallet enables you to add your banking details, loyalty card information and just about any other card you can think of to a secure digital environment. With HUAWEI Pay, you get your wallet in the palm of your hand without having to take out your bank cards ever again.

Embrace the benefits of mobile payment with your HUAWEI device and unlock a secure way to transact for the digital age!

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