6 Things You Need to Know About Troukoors  Season 2

Season 2 of Troukoors (Wedding Fever) is now available to binge first on Showmax. The Showmax Original romcom follows three best friends: wedding planner Jessica ; her sister Luca, a software developer; and her best friend Abi, a professional baker.

Here are six things you need to know about the hit show, which is up for Best Produced TV Script and Best Script In An Indigenous Language at the Writers Guild of South Africa Muse Awards, taking place on 21 May 2022.

Liam and Jessica have unfinished business

Season 2 starts with Jessica still together with tasty chef Liam.

“I think I can safely say that there’s unfinished business to attend to when it comes to Liam and Jessica’s relationship,” says Christiaan. “There are still important things left unsaid and it’s only a matter of time before they will both need to face the music, so to speak.”

He adds, “This season will see Liam coming to terms with his past and who he really is and what he truly wants. Liam will also tackle a new restaurant venture, while Jessica’s having to answer directly to Yolandie and Catherine at Insight, after her unsanctioned, off-the-books wedding. Complications will abound.”

Abi falls in love this season

“Abi has some serious surprises in store for her this season,” says Bianca.

“She realises that letting someone in and falling in love can be a beautiful thing, even though it goes against everything she believes in.”

Look out for 2022 Silwerskerm Best Actor: Short Film winner Marlo Minnaar (Aan/Af, Die Boland Moorde) and SAFTA winner Carla Smith (Tydelike Terminaal) as her love interests this season.

Luca and Stefan are trying to make long-distance work

Season 2 starts with Luca trying to maintain a long-distance relationship with fantasy writer Stefan.

“What changes for Luca in Season 2 is having to deal with the difficulty of a long distance relationship and learn how to get along with a new colleague at work,” says Blyde. “Luca matures a lot in Season 2 – going from having intimacy issues and struggling to deal with her emotions in Season 1 to making mature and (sometimes) rational decisions regarding her relationships in Season 2. Without giving away too much, Luca has more than one love interest in this season.”

Karel is marrying Nathan – and his ex-wife is in full support

SAFTA winner Ilse Klink joins the cast this season as Patricia, Karel’s ex-wife and Abi’s mother.

“Patricia is a psychologist and quite liberated in her thinking. What is interesting for me is that she totally supports her husband’s gay relationship and upcoming marriage. She just wants the best for him, which is rather unusual…”

Karel is played by SAFTA winner Kevin Smith, who also played Ilse’s husband in the Cape Flats neo-noir Skemerdans

It’s an unapologetic take on sexuality

“What I liked about Season 1 is how totally unapologetic it is about young female sexuality, especially with Abi, my daughter on the show,” says Ilse. “Abi, Jessica and Luca are all liberated; they’re living their truest selves. There’s a certain liberation in terms of how these women express themselves and do the unexpected, which is really delicious to watch. They haven’t been put into a conservative box, which is usually what you see on South African TV. So that’s been liberating to watch.”  Blyde agrees.

“I think Troukoors explores the fluidity of female sexuality and non-conventional relationships more so than any other Afrikaans show.” 

The cast laughed from start to finish

“We laughed every single day; there was not a day that went by when someone didn’t cry with laughter on set,” says Ilse-Lee. 

“I had an absolute blast working on the whole thing,” agrees Christiaan. “‘Joyride’ is the word that keeps coming to mind.”

So you can expect to laugh along with the cast, but Blyde says you’ll also feel all the feels. “I would like to implore viewers to stock up on their snack cupboards because, much like the first season, Season 2 is most definitely going to be binge-worthy. In this season you can expect to fall even more in love with the main characters as they face big decisions regarding their romantic partners, work, and family dynamics. You can expect a lot of fun, romance, heartbreaks, work and family related drama, and then of course a few tear-jerker heartfelt moments shared between all of the above.” 

Binge both seasons on Showmax from 5 May 2022: https://www.showmax.com/eng/tvseries/zdaenoqa-troukoors-wedding-fever

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