Here’s When ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 5 Will Hit Netflix

Selling Sunset-inas, I have good news!

A very good citizen has compiled every single song featured on the Netflix show, seasons one through five, into one 20-hour-long Spotify playlist. So you can groove to the Live, Laugh, Love of soundtracks anytime, anywhere.

As season five of Selling Sunset rolls out, viewers have flooded social media with response to its music, a curation of earworm-y, up-tempo pop songs swelling with generically inspirational, Girl Boss-ian lyrics.

For example: there’s “Confident” by Shenna, a bass-heavy track that opens with: “C-o-n-f-i-d-e-n-t / Oh, so confident, so confident.”

There’s also “I Know What I Want” by Flyers, an ode to consumerism. “I want a big fancy car / With the top back and shopping bags,” the ditty begins, giving way to its chorus: “I know what I want / And every day I’m rocking what I got / Set my colors free / I’m just doing me.”

As Selling Sunset creator Adam DiVello divulged, the music on the show is “fun and aspirational.”

“It’s also dramatic, so we use the music to help tell those stories,” he told TIME. “In most cases the songs are fun, and they tend to have somewhat of a message in them.”

Throughout its entire run, Selling Sunset has managed to indulge our cringe-iest, guiltiest desires for totally basic music — tracks with no hidden meanings, complicated harmonies, or literary lyrics. Just danceable, catchy fun.

If anyone knows Theresa Pangan, the genius who meticulously sourced and added every Selling Sunset to a single Spotify playlist, thank her for us. Not all heroes wear capes!

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