A-COLD-WALL* Injects Architectural Codes Into Mackintosh’s Staple RAINTEC Outerwear

Second time’s a charm as Samuel Ross’ A-COLD-WALL reconnects with fellow British brand, Mackintosh, on a new collection for Spring/Summer 2022.

I can vividly recall the first time an A-COLD-WALL* piece in the wild. It was around 2014-15 when the brand was in its infancy; a grey overcoat with the brand’s namesake spelled out in white across the shoulders. I couldn’t find much (if any) information at the time, so I can only assume it was a sample.

Since those university times, I’ve watched ACW and Ross come a long way, to the point that now it feels strange to go a week without seeing the British-born brand attached to fellow British and global labels for collaborations.

At this point, we’ve reached a peak at which you can craft a full ACW uniform through collaborations alone – there are pieces from Diesel, RETROSUPERFUTURE, Dr. Martens, and of course, Mackintosh.

Ross’ working relationship with Mackintosh last bore fruit in 2021, via a function-first collection comprising of outerwear, pants, and accessories. This Autumn/Winter 2021 outing saw success, paving the way for a reunion.

For their second collection, Spring/Summer 2022, the pair advance the concepts established in their first outing; while maintaining the functional, high-performance elements that made it special.

Of course, outerwear is the center point of the collection, and a classic mac serves as its hero piece. Formulated in a formal cut suited to everyday use, the single-breasted raincoat comes complete with a wrap front, concealed buttons, and a paneled formation.

Sitting alongside the mac is a waist-length pullover kagool better suited for casual wear, elevated with a cocoon-like hood, gusseted neck opening, and RAINTEC weather protection. The final piece of outerwear lay in a structured coach jacket designed with a shirt collar – a smart/casual masterclass.

A commonality between all pieces is the flagship Mackintosh RAINTEC fabric which boasts water and windproofing, as well as a geometric pattern that turns each look into a statement.

Your next dose of A-COLD-WALL* crafted by Mackintosh will be available to shop exclusively online at ACW from March 28 before touching down at Mackintosh on March 31.

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