‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Drops Story Trailer for “War for Wakanda” Expansion

To celebrate the launch of its free expansion pack “War for Wakanda,” Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have dropped a fresh story trailer giving players a closer look at what’s coming for Marvel’s Avengers.

Gamers will take on the character of Black Panther, who finds himself struggling against the tyranny of his nemesis Ulysses Klaw, a villainous physicist determined to rob Wakanda of its precious Vibranium. With an uphill battle against Klaw and his militia, King T’Challa employs the help of the Avengers, bringing familiar faces like Captain America, Iron Man and Thor into the battle. As Black Panther, your main play style will involve defensive blocks and parries which build up an Intrinsic Meter, ultimately allowing you to release a massive burst of energy against surrounding foes. You’ll also be able to pounce forward at enemies too, which have now diversified into Vibranium-clad drones and arachnid-like robots.

For those already playing Marvel’s Avengers, the War for Wakanda expansion is now available for free. Others who want to learn more about the game and expansion can learn more over on Square Enix’s website.

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