Eye-catching refreshed styling on the New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross sets to take center stage in the compact SUV market

With the introduction of the second-generation Eclipse Cross, Mitsubishi Motors is promising to disrupt the highly competitive compact sport-utility vehicle (SUV) market. The newcomer is not only a game changer for Mitsubishi Motors in terms of the competitiveness of its SUV line-up, but is a segment breaker in the market with its sleek, sporty design and SUV capabilities. The Eclipse Cross is a compelling value proposition for customers, considering the quality and value it offers.

Key features of the new Eclipse Cross range include a striking new exterior design, an extensive list of comfort features, improved practicality, proven performance, impressive safety credentials, enhanced technology and connectivity, and greater value for money.

The new model’s vibrant styling expresses a fresh sportiness and stylishness, while the sharply sculpted character lines make a bold statement on the road. Its design is a balance between the sporty wedge shape of a coupé and the practicality, space and comfort of a SUV. Apart from lending the Eclipse Cross an adventurous character, this creates a sense of undeniable sophistication.

With an increased length of 140 mm, the Eclipse Cross has evolved from being muscularly agile to sleekly athletic. In addition, Mitsubishi’s “dynamic shield” concept gives it an expressive dynamic front face, while new details such as twin oval headlamps contribute to a decidedly high-tech image.

The rear has evolved from the previous shape and the split rear tailgate window has been replaced by a sharply sculpted hexagonal design with a single piece of glass. The rear boot end has also undergone a styling change, boasting a sportier look. The rear lamps now have a distinctive three-dimensional Y-shaped design, and extend upward and inward elegantly to follow the shape of the outside of the tailgate glass.

The new Eclipse Cross will be offered in two derivatives. Both are front-wheel drive and feature a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

There are two engine options, the first being Mitsubishi’s latest 1.5-litre four-cylinder turbo charged petrol engine. It delivers impressive performance of 110 kW at 5 500 r/min, with 250 Nm of peak torque on tap between 2 000 r/min to 3 500 r/min.

This powerplant is coupled with an eight-step automatic INVECS-III CVT gearbox which supports smooth, powerful acceleration and outstanding fuel efficiency.

The second engine option is the 2.0-litre MIVEC DOHC 16-valve four-cylinder engine which uses a multipoint fuel injection system and offers 110 kW of power at 6 000 r/min and peak torque of 198 Nm at 4 200 r/min.

Coupled to this engine is Mitsubishi’s six-step INVECS-III CVT. It delivers effortless acceleration from any speed, slick gear changes and a smooth ride, and because it keeps the engine at optimum performance at all times, fuel efficiency is enhanced.

The new Eclipse Cross range is priced aggressively, starting from R459 995 for the 2.0 GLS derivative and R499 995 for the 1.5t GLS offering. Considering the host of added features and benefits over the outgoing model and the marginal difference in price, the new Eclipse Cross is well positioned to cement its place as a class leading compact SUV.

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