RIMOWA Revamps the Essential Suitcase In Summer-Ready Pastel Colors

Experts of the luggage game RIMOWA are setting up for a pastel-colored summer with the introduction of its Memorial Day capsule collection, seeing its fan-favorite cross-category products remixed in two new pop-style hues.

Hurtling towards the end of spring can only mean one thing – soon, summer will be upon us, leaving people packing as they seek out blue skies and sunny beaches. Whether that’s a trip down to the British coast, to Caribbean sands, or a Croatian festival break, one thing remains essential; your luggage, of course.

Considering how badly battered some suitcases end up after a well-enjoyed travel career, it’s easy to see why some choose to take a hands-off attitude towards their baggage options. For many, it’s a simple case of practicality, opting for the hardest-wearing or tech-enabled case to do the job – for others, your case and bags are just as important as your ‘fits.

Enter RIMOWA. Far from strangers to the game, RIMOWA’s luxury approach (and backing) to suitcases and personal carry accessories has put it a step ahead, making it a globally recognized standard nestled comfortably within fashion, too.

For its latest capsule collection, which releases on Memorial Day, RIMOWA’s focus shifts to travelers’ summer holiday preparations with the introduction of two complementary pastel shades available across the Essential suitcase range, Never Still Tote Bags, Personal Cross-Body Bag, and grooved iPhone cases.

Inspired by the sight and scent of the French Provence, “Citron” and “Lavande” drum up the quintessential feeling of the season, and add a new stylistic edge to RIMOWA’s highly favored product lines.

Starting on May 26, the Essential Cabin and Check-In L, Essential Trunk Plus, all tote bag sizes, stickers sets, and iPhone cases will be available online in the two new shades. For those hoping to pick up the Personal Polycarbonate Cross-Body Bag in “Lavande,” you’ll need to make sure your travels stop off in the Asia-Pacific region to shop in-store.

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