The new HUAWEI nova Y60: A great camera at an affordable price

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, there’s probably one thing that’s top of your list: the camera. The technology behind smartphone cameras is evolving so quickly that they’re changing more dramatically than any other feature. But while the photo quality gets better and better with every evolution, this innovation, unfortunately, often comes with a hefty price tag.

The latest member of the HUAWEI nova Series, the HUAWEI nova Y60, knows this all too well. Since the very beginning, nova smartphones have put the needs of young trendsetters first, and its designers have considered these needs in every decision they make. This means that they’ve worked hard to create a truly impressive camera – but this time, one that doesn’t break the bank.

A triple AI camera for beautiful, high-res images

With its three lenses, the camera on the HUAWEI nova Y60 captures beautiful, high-res images every time. Its main camera can take in massive amounts of light and will automatically adjust its shutter speed to capture vivid details of moving subjects. With a built-in algorithm designed to reduce noise in images, it also produces clear and bright photos in low-light environments.

The second camera takes great wide-angle shots that perfectly capture vast landscapes or big groups of people. And its depth camera works together with the main camera to blur the background if you want to take crisp, professional-looking portraits. Of course, there’s a front camera too, one that features an AI beauty algorithm that will automatically make you look your best.

The HUAWEI nova Y60 also comes with 6.6 inches of HUAWEI FullView Display. This high-definition screen offers a wide, crisp, vibrant viewing experience, designed to blow you away whether you’re viewing your photographs, playing games, watching videos, surfing the internet or multitasking. Its super-thin bezels on the sides means that your visuals will use up as much of the screen as possible for an experience that feels totally immersive.

The battery and storage to boot

There’s no point in having all of these visual delights, of course, if you need to charge your phone after every photoshoot or gaming session, or if your phone can’t store all your images and games. Fortunately, the HUAWEI nova Y60 comes with a large 5,000mAh battery that allows you to photograph, share, game and stream to your heart’s content.

It also comes with Huawei’s power-saving features, which detect your smartphone habits and save power wherever possible to prolong your battery life. If you enable ultra-power saving mode, which further reduces your battery consumption, you’ll get even more power when you need it most.

The HUAWEI nova Y60 comes standard with 64GB of space to store your photos and games, but this can be upped to 512GB if you choose to add more micro SD cards. Its octa-core processor and 4GB of memory also help to ensure that your smartphone keeps up with every task you set it, making this a fast-paced phone for a fast-paced life.

The best part about all of these incredible features is that they don’t come at the cost you’d expect. The sleek and smooth HUAWEI nova Y60 is available on the Huawei Store for just R3,099, and it comes with a free Bluetooth headset valued at R699.

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