Carrots and CASETiFY Reunite For Second Accessories Collaboration

No, CASETiFY’s new collaborative collection with Carrots definitely won’t help you see in the dark – lack of wish fulfillment aside, its new range of tech and lifestyle accessories will give your iPhone that orange glow you’ve always wished for.

I’m totally fighting the urge to say “how ’bout them apples” right now, but there it is anyway. How ’bout them carrots, I guess? Bad jokes aside, Carrots by Anwar Carrots is lowkey everywhere. Although the streetwear brand’s business is booming and has been for a minute, I’d hazard a guess that you probably heard of it through its super-popular Crocs collaborations.

Crocs has pretty much every color under the sun in rotation locked in within its footwear line-up, but it’s hard to beat Carrots’ brightly saturated orange offering – a staple of the brand.

From apparel to clogs and lifestyle accessories, if you’re looking to live out your root vegetable dreams, Carrots is the place to go.

We love a reunion, and the Supreme of phone cases, CASETiFY, does too. Once again connecting with the orange-clad Carrots, CASETiFY’s favorite iPhone cases have been redecorated to offer up a five-piece selection, complete with classic brand graphics.

All five of the cases on offer are, you guessed it, bright orange, but each is finished off with recognizable graphics and characters from Carrots’ mainline apparel collections. First up is a classic spell out, followed by three variations on the brand’s rabbit character, and my personal favorite that simply reads: “that’s a awful lot of carrots.”

If your phone case requires an update, you can head over to CASETiFY to shop the new collaboration now.

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