KAWS:HOLIDAY Brings Its Hot-Air Balloon World Tour to the United Kingdom

After a tumultuous 2020, KAWS is taking another much-needed HOLIDAY. Having already hit spots like Mt. Fuji and Hong Kong, the Brooklyn-based artist is off to another overseas location, this time heading to Bristol. “Seems like an unexpected destination for an ultra-famous artist,” you may say. Ah, right you are, but there’s a reason that KAWS is taking to Britain’s hot air balloon capital.

See, the inflatable KAWS:HOLIDAY creations have already taken to water and land (and space), so why not the air? The immense 138-foot sculptural Companion balloon at the heart of this installation is pilotable and guests can take it for a skyward journey for stunning views of the British countryside, floating gracefully above the unfettered landscape. The balloon will then go on a world tour later this year, allowing KAWS fans across the globe to take a ride in the world’s biggest Companion.

It wouldn’t be a KAWS event without collectibles, though, so the artist has delivered three special colors of vinyl Companions posed identically to the gargantuan balloon, replete with special packaging. There are also two monochrome ceramic containers and even some hoodies printed with thematic graphics, though sadly there aren’t any commemorative designs akin to the old “I SURVIVED” shirts that amusement parks used to promote their latest rollercoaster.

“I’m happy to be able to continue working on exciting projects like KAWS:HOLIDAY and hope it can bring some inspiration during our ongoing global situation,” KAWS offered in a statement.

KAWS:HOLIDAY’s limited edition figures and merch drop on DDTstore’s website today, with more information about the KAWS: HOLIDAY hot air balloon tour forthcoming.

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