Lacoste’s New L003 Neo Sneakers Deliver Unbeatable Style and Energy

Crocodile crew Lacoste is no stranger to merging the worlds of sport and fashion — in fact, as of 2023, they’ve been doing it for 90 years.

Last October saw the brand unveil another sneaker in their L003 series, the Active Runway, which saw comfort, style, and technical know-how come together, with Global Ambassador Ella Mai as the face of the campaign.

This year, she’s back with young hip-hop icon Midwxst to sport the latest in Lacoste’s L003 collection, the Neo — and there’s no shying away from movement in this campaign when it comes to the shoe or its wearers. Capturing the dynamism and vitality of the sneaker itself, the active duo brings together not only the worlds of sport and fashion but music and movement too.

The Neo builds on the L003 legacy by bringing the character and theatre of the runway to the streets, but in a way that redefines and builds on Lacoste’s house codes. Hinting at found Rene Lacoste’s forward-thinking attitude about breaking the boundaries between sport and fashion, the Neo takes the conversation around the L003 into a new space.

A twist on the original concept silhouette, the Neo’s key inspiration comes not just from the L003’s heritage but also from the bold and radical movement of a tennis ball, bouncing and pinging across lines and time. The shoe is similarly energetic, moving from court to street, sport to fashion, from what came before to what comes next.

Crafted in its conception with a strong focus on lifestyle and everyday wear, the sneaker has some key features that deserve recognition. The neoprene and mesh upper, intricate lace-fastening, and eye-catching perforated details wrap around the silhouette, while the chunky, modern outsole and the classic Lacoste crocodile shine from the side heel. The Neo (in all its neon glory) is hard to miss. Coming in a hero colorway of neon yellow like that of a tennis ball (a nod to the brand’s heritage), the shoe also comes in lighter hues for those who want to style it differently — think monochrome to pink, turquoise, all-black, and timeless khaki. The Neo comes ready for all occasions; just take your pick.

Get your pair of L003 Neo’s for men here and for women here — and in select Lacoste stores nationwide.

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