Fashion Meets Technology in Gucci x ŌURA Ring Collaboration

Buying stuff makes us all feel good, that’s a fact. But buying Gucci’s ŌURA ring won’t just give you a burst of endorphins because it’s a shiny new thing (though it is quite shiny): it might actually make you a healthier person.

Available May 26 on Gucci’s web store and ŌURA’s website, Gucci’s design uses ŌURA’s Generation 3 smart ring as a base, for some cosmetic upgrades that really don’t touch the core functionality.

In fact, the only difference from the base ŌURA rigs is the 18kt yellow gold trim and interlocking G branding across the ring’s band, low-key upgrades befitting a piece of tech that’s intended to accompany its wearer everywhere they go.

ŌURA’s rings are the middle ground between wellness gizmo and slick fashion flex, the latter element being the crux of the Gucci partnership.

Compared to even the most compact wellness monitoring devices (like an Apple Watch), the ŌURA rings are shockingly minute, barely taking up any more room than the average bit of jewelry (it only weighs four grams!) yet somehow packed with enough sensory tech to gauge sleep activity, heart rate, body temp, and even breathing patterns.

ŌURA’s app then delivers what reviews call “succinct and actionable” suggestions for improving one’s health.

Specifically, ŌURA claims that its app “offers science-backed content” that’ll aid the wearer in staying healthy, with suggestions for improved sleep cycles and physical activity.

Revolutionary? That’s for the wearer to decide. But it’s not about reinventing the wheel at all. Hell, the Gucci x ŌURA ring is virtually identical to a typical ŌURA device, except for the gold detailing.

The point instead is to emphasize Gucci’s drive into the vibe-y, intangible lifestyle space, akin to how the luxury label has explored unconventional alignments with NFT dripsters, Roblox fashionistas, and console (and PC) gamers.

This collaborative ŌURA ring makes sense in the world of Gucci because it’s all about feeling good in one’s own body, beyond skin-deep. Health is a luxury, after all, so you could convincingly argue that Gucci’s ŌURA ring is the pinnacle of retail therapy.

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