G-Star RAW Announces Its Debut Denim NFT Collection

G-Star RAW is expanding its brand into the growing virtual space with the announcement of its debut NFT collection. Centering its rhinoceros mascot, G-NO, the collection is set to include 10 unique collectible avatars.

As a core aspect of the G-Star RAW brand, each iteration of the beloved mascot will be clad in digital denim and feature G-Star’s trademark details. From light to dark washes, each mascot has its own unique identity, name and style. Additionally, each NFT mascot is set to highlight a specific moment in the brand’s history.

“We’re excited to enter the NFT space with an art project that brings our story to life,” said G-Star RAW’s Chief Marketing Officer, Gwenda van Vliet. “Turning our mascot into a piece of digital denim art means we’re able to meet our audience’s appetite for innovation and be in the spaces where they are.”

To bring the debut NFT venture to life, G-Star RAW teamed up with blockchain-based NFT platform, Rarible. The 10 NFTs will be made available through a live auction on Rarible with a starting price of 0.1 ETH. Tho who purchase a G-NO NFT will also receive an exclusive G-Star RAW item that corresponds with their specific G-NO.

Check out the gallery above for a sneak peek at the forthcoming NFTs. For more information about the debut NFT collection, check out G-Star RAW’s metaverse page.

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