New Instagram Feature Allows Users To Decide What They Perceive As “Sensitive Content”

Instagram‘s latest feature promises to give its users more control over what they deem to be “sensitive content.”

Instagram has defined “sensitive content” as posts that may “potentially be upsetting” to other users. These posts “don’t necessarily” break site rules, but could be seen as offensive to others including “sexually suggestive or violent” posts. According to their press release, Instagram will now provide a new feature called the Sensitive Content Control, where users can determine just how much or little sensitive content they see. Users will also have the option to leave things as is.

An Instagram spokesperson said, “We’ve started to move in this direction with tools like the ability to turn off comments or restrict someone from interacting with you on Instagram. Today we’re taking another step and launching what we call ‘Sensitive Content Control,’ which allows you to decide how much sensitive content shows up in Explore.”

The Sensitive Content Control rolls out approximately a week after Instagram’s announcement for Security Checkup, another new feature that aims to increase security for its users.

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