Facebook Messenger Introduces Soundmojis For Greater Chat Expression

Facebook Messenger is introducing Soundmojis, a new way to make its chat service more engaging. The new feature allows Facebook‘s more than 2.4 billion users to send short sound bites to their peers, adding greater expression to messages.

Different Soundmojis include clapping, crickets, drumroll and evil laughter. In addition, the tool features audio clips from artists like Rebecca Black and catchphrases from TV shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

“We’re launching an entire Soundmoji library for you to choose from, which we’ll update regularly with new sound effects and famous sound bites,” Facebook explained in a press release. “Each sound is represented by an emoji, keeping the visual emojis we all love in play, while bringing sound into the mix. Best of both worlds!”

The new feature rolls out on July 17, also known as World Emoji Day. To check out the Soundmojis, go into the Messenger app, start a chat, tap the smiley face icon to access the expressions tray and select the loudspeaker button.

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